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At College

As Lockdown is easing I had my first life class, since last year, on Monday morning. A three hour drawing session, the mental concentration to get the models body proportions correct, I find quite exhausting. In the main I suppose I'm aware of the skills of others in the group and measure myself against them. Which adds to the tension I feel drawing in the class environment. I know this is wrong and I should relax and just focus on my own work. I suppose its a hangover from working in industry where everything you do is assessed as part of your performance. I must practice drawing bigger, as I correct the proportions the drawing becomes smaller and smaller. Hand-eye coordination!

2H, 3B, 5B & 7B pencil on Cartridge Paper, 21st May 2021, 45 minutes, female model. Took the opportunity of drawing the model foreshortened, I think my proportions are starting to improve, although her lower right leg is too thin compared with the left leg and thigh.

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