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End of 2nd Year BA Art & Design

End of 2nd year BA Art & Design, methinks I’ve done enough to get into 3rd year. The end of year show went well, although few members of the public came to visit. I think the college needs to do more on publicity for this event, at least one month in advance. Now for my summer chores things I’ve been putting off while at college, need to get these completed by end of august! Especially, better roof ventilation in summerhouse as insulation is causing condensation. I also have some slabs to lay at back gate. Oh! and revarnish the summerhouse. On the art side I must visit more galleries during the break and have my bas relief work to finish which I started in the final week of term.

The bas relief is inspired by Caravaggio’s Judith beheading Holofernes, although mine is Gaia beheading humanity.

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