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End of Second year BA Art & Design

As I near the end of the second year of my BA Art & Design, makes me reflect on the year as a whole. Overall, I have enjoyed the year, however the amount of research at time seemed to be overtaking the time available to create. I do understand the need for research coming from a technical role in Industry, needing to justify what you are doing and creating. Also has the benefit of introducing me to new artists and genre. I suppose the main personal event of this year was discovering I was dyslexic, as opposed to just being rubbish and spelling and slow at reading. I know have a justification for these thinks while as given me some comfort.

From the perspective of creating, the pictured artwork "Knots" was my brief foray into gender politics in particular the relationship between Transwomen's rights and women's rights. This is intended as a question to the viewer with regards to are these right supportive of each other and one and the same or are they in conflict.?

Methinks I stick to environmental themed works after this as the whole research around feminism and transgendered was doing my head in!

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