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Monday Morning

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Coffeeeeee! is always required to get started, some habits are carried over from the work environment to full time study, although I drink significantly less that I did when working. Two modules to go, to complete NC Art & Design Portfolio Preparation, if/ once successfully completed will allow me into BA Art and Design 1st year as I've a conditional offer. Although I do have a little remedial work for my personal project so need to get that done first. My personal project was about "bee die-off", through the use of pesticide in agriculture and deforestation in tropical areas.

The day goes quickly, just found out this afternoon that I've passed my personal project.

As part of the feedback need to include more reference material and also be more expressive in my evaluation of the final piece.

The Last Bee?

Mixed Media Assemblage; 50 x 34 x 14 cms. Hardboard, Hessian, Wood, Wire, Modroc, Tissue Paper, Acrylic Paint, Apples & Apple Tree Bark, Beeswax. 2021

A commentary on the fate of bees through pesticides use in agribusiness and the loss of habitat in tropical areas, through deforestation through slash and burn.

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