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Last two models of the NC Art & Design Portfolio Preparation, Cultural Identity and Visual Presentation. Thankfully it has been agreed to do the two models as once. Therefore all my focus can be on getting these last two credits, which should get me into BA Art & Design Year 1. Quite an interesting theme for these final units "My Modern Scotland", which can be a personal reflection on what modern Scotland mean to me. This should be expressed through an Artist's Book or Zine. As we have just had an election and the two independent parties won a majority in the Scottish Parliament, there will be another independence vote in the next 5 years. This is currently shaping my thinking on how I want to express my thoughts through an Artist Book or a Zine. Having written that I'll mind-map my thoughts on the theme of Modern Scotland and see where that takes me! Interestingly the class did a image association with the theme during an online session, then a word to describe their cultural identity. I was quite surprised by some of the responses, it might be an age thing as I've been kicking about the planet for +40 years longer than most of my classmates.

My research on Artist's Books....

Left to right these are:

Julie Chen, Bon Bon Mots, A fine Assortment of books, 1998; Letterpress on paper, Fimo, polymer clay, and Plexiglas, 2 x 13 5/8 x 10 in.; NMWA, Museum purchase: Library and Research Center Acquisition Fund; © Julie Chen

Image From:

Beata Wehr; Memoir, Polish Linen, Linen Thread, Ink, Scroll 4cm, open 9 x 70 cms 2014

Image From:

Krassimira Drenska "Letters of Katharina". 2009, cyanotypes and pigment transfer on rag paper, 44,7 x 34 cm

Image From:

Paul Shaw & Susan Salt; Ocean Bestiary, This book's theme is taken from the fantastical sea creatures, that would be found in medieval maps and manuscripts.

Concertina construction, using letterpress text, acrylic paint, gold foil, whale bone and leather inlay. Unique book, 2017. Photo: Susan Shaw

Image From:

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