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The First Year.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I started in August 2020, my first full time art course at Forth Valley College, Stirling Campus on Art & Design - Portfolio Preparation, when complete will allow access to either BA first year or HND Contemporary Art. Like everybody I had to adapt to the situation with Covid-19, fortunately I could work from home relatively easily as I'd built a summer house in the garden the previous years so had a ready made art studio. It has been a strange experience for everybody this year and I must admit was not what I was looking for when I decided to return to full-time education. That stated, it has been very interesting learning new art techniques.


Sculpture, Cardboard, ModRoc, Wire, Spray & Acrylic paint.

40 x 50 x 11 cms

This piece is inspired by my collection of Fossils, which I used as part of home & garden project for 3D Artform. The piece is cardboard covered with modroc then painted. The ammonite is wire with modroc draped and sagged to give the form of one half of an ammonite geode.

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