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My class was asked to produce a zine on the theme each had selected for our final piece for cultural identity. Cultural Identity had the general theme of My Modern Scotland, which covers almost anything that impacts on the life of someone living in Scotland. I have selected The Spectrum of Scottish Politics, however for this particular exercise I decided to do a zine on Whisky. After reviewing numerous ways of making a zine, pop-up, flag, flip or book format. I decided to make a flip book using the techniques outlined in this YouTube link:-

Me being me! I spent far too much time and probably made the drawings too complicated. I used Visio to create the original base drawing and printed the modified drawings on HP Photographic paper on a colour laserjet. 10 x 15 cm. I could not use the method in the youtube video as I did not have card of sufficient thickness or transparence.

Base Drawing of a very simplified Malt Distilling Process. By making multiple copies of the drawing on Visio and deleting & moving sections I created the flip book of + 50 pages. A quirk of the company I used to work for red means danger, plant in operation, running. Green means safe, stopped.

The end results was a "How to make Whisky in 3 Seconds". it actually take between 3 years and +20 years to make Whisky.

Slainte Math!

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