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Terms of Use
Under Construction

  1. Intellectual Property Rights: Users must respect the intellectual property rights of the artist's work and not reproduce, distribute, or use any content without proper authorization.

    1. Copyright Protection: All artworks, images, photographs, designs, and other content displayed on the website are protected by copyright law. The artist retains all rights to their creative works, including the rights to reproduction, distribution, and public display.

    2. License to Users: Users are granted a limited, non-exclusive license to view and interact with the artist's content on the website for personal, non-commercial use only. Any form of reproduction, distribution, or modification of the content requires explicit permission from the artist.

    3. Attribution: Users must provide proper attribution when sharing or using the artist's work, acknowledging the artist as the creator and providing a link back to the artist's website where possible.

    4. Derivative Works: Users are prohibited from creating derivative works based on the artist's original content without prior authorization. This includes modifications, adaptations, or transformative works.

    5. Digital Rights Management: The artist may use digital rights management technologies or watermarks to protect their digital content from unauthorized copying, downloading, or sharing.

    6. Infringement Reporting: Procedures for reporting any suspected copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property rights. Users are encouraged to report any misuse of the artist's content promptly.

    7. Enforcement: The artist reserves the right to take legal action against any individual or entity found infringing upon their intellectual property rights. This may result in legal proceedings, damages, or other remedies as permitted by UK copyright law.

  2. User Conduct: Users should engage respectfully with the website and other users, refraining from offensive, abusive, or illegal activities.

    1. Respectful Interaction: Users must engage with the website, other users, and the artist in a respectful and courteous manner. Any form of harassment, bullying, hate speech, or discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

    2. Compliance with Laws: Users are expected to comply with all relevant laws and regulations while using the artist's website. This includes but is not limited to laws regarding copyright infringement, privacy rights, and online conduct.

    3. No Unauthorized Use: Users must not engage in any unauthorized use of the website or its content. This includes attempting to access restricted areas, manipulate the website code, or disrupt the site's functionality.

    4. User-generated Content: If the website allows users to submit content (such as comments, reviews, or artwork), users are responsible for ensuring that their contributions are respectful, legal, and do not infringe upon the rights of others.

    5. Protection of Minors: Users must refrain from sharing explicit or inappropriate content on the website, particularly if the website is accessible to minors. Any content shared should be suitable for all audiences.

    6. Security Measures: Users are encouraged to maintain the security of their accounts and not share their login credentials with others. Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the website administrators.

    7. Consequences of Misconduct: Violation of the user conduct guidelines may result in account suspension, termination of access to the website, or legal action, as deemed necessary by the website administrators.



  3. Privacy Policy: Clear outlines of how user data is collected, stored, and used, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. (expand)

  4. Content Usage: Guidelines on how users can interact with and share the artist's content, including any permitted or prohibited uses. (expand)

  5. Liability: Limiting the artist's liability for any losses or damages incurred by users while using the website. (expand)

  6. Termination of Use: Reserving the right to terminate user accounts or access to the website in cases of misuse or violation of terms. (expand)

  7. Governing Law: Specifying the jurisdiction under which any disputes or legal matters will be resolved. (expand)

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